Tips To Choose Multi Bike Insurance

Do you have more than one motorcycle? If you undertake, then multiple bike insurance coverage could be the ideal solution for you.

But what is multi bike motorcycle insurance? What should you look out for when you compare guidelines? And how can the internet help you save money on your rates?

What is multi bike motorcycle insurance?

Over recent times, multi-vehicle insurance policies have become increasingly more popular. These policies cover more than one motorcycle under the same policy - typically up to five or six bikes.

They are perfect if you own more than one motorbike. You're covered for the bike you are driving whilst your other motorcycles at home are typically covered against theft, open fire and accidental damage.

And, if you are looking for motorcycle insurance multi bike guidelines can often save you money as well as time. This is because your entire bikes are covered under one policy rather than under several different guidelines with various insurers.

What to look for when you compare multiple motorcycle insurance coverage policies

There are numerous multiple bike insurance guidelines on the market and they all offer slightly different benefits. So, when you compare cover, ensure you ask these questions:

  • How many bikes will the policy cover? Ensure it provides sufficient cover for your entire motorcycles
  • What degree of cover is available? Are all bikes covered on a fully comprehensive basis or perhaps 3 rd party, fire and theft?
  • Will the multiple motorcycle insurance plan include cover for your helmet and your clothes? If it does, are there limits on the amounts you can claim?
  • Will the policy include Western cover?
  • Does the policy include breakdown cover in the UK and EUROPEAN UNION?

The importance of a multi bike insurance assessment

While multi motorcycle insurance coverage can often be cheaper than taking out separate cover, it won't automatically cost you less. It can worth obtaining separate and multi bike insurance quotes before you buy to be sure if you're getting value for money.

It's also important to be sure that you're getting the best deal on your cover. For example, some insurers charge significantly more if you elect to pay by monthly direct debit. Others offer their best rates to internet customers.

Simply put, comparing motorcycle insurance quotes can help you find the right multiple bike insurance at the right price.

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